Carrier Contract Negotiations

There is no substitute for experience.

During the last decade, Tangoe consultants have negotiated thousands of fixed and mobile contracts for global firms, de­livering market best contracts and dramatic cost savings to our clients.

With deep, first-hand market knowledge of current rates and terms and conditions—developed via a constant stream of global contract negotiations engagements—Tangoe knows how to arrange agreements that deliver optimal rates, terms, and conditions which yield significant savings, optimal flexibil­ity, and services protection for contractnegour customers.

With experience negotiating agreements while working for major telecom carriers, Tangoe consulting experts are experi­enced on both sides of the negotiating table. Leveraging their strong telecom knowledge and experience with of leading IXCs, LECs billing practices and national mobile service provider contract negotiations tactics – Tangoe contract negotiations experts routinely drive the most favorable contracts ever experi­enced by their client organizations.

Tangoe’s proven results-driven methodology for carrier negotia­tions encompasses:

  • Discovery and set-up
  • Strategy, price, terms and commitment levels
  • Market rate and contract analysis
  • Price negotiations
  • Terms and conditions analysis/negotiation
  • Contract finalization
  • Compliance verification

As part of its negotiation practices, Tangoe can support your team with strategic advice and data, or lead a multi-phase RFP project—whichever bests fits your enterprise needs while substantially improving bottom-line negotiations results.